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Autumn in New York…

— of gods and men —

We’ve got some engagements of mythical proportions going down in NYC this Fall!

Want to be a part of it? Read on for more information.


Our Story

One of Showpeople’s hallmark programs is our Original Musical Workshop, where we challenge our company artists and new faces to write a new musical (usually based off an existing material) completely from scratch in a short amount of time. Two products of these efforts are To the Fairest and Shudder. 

What is To the Fairest about?

To the Fairest is based off Greek myth surrounding the origins of the Trojan War. We follow Achilles, our war-hero-turned-rockstar-pianist in a look back at what really started the War! Complete with a trio of bickering goddesses, the most beautiful woman in the world, and the wedding of the century (done Mount Olympus-style), it’s Hadestown meets “Krapopolis.”

What is Shudder about?

Shudder is based off an odd Brothers Grimm fairytale surrounding a boy who couldn’t feel fear. It unfolds in a wild, thrilling, and chilling ride through a haunted castle, complete with priests, knights, peasants, and princesses singing in 5-part harmony. Shudder is a haunting musical comedy certain to make you laugh one moment and disturbed the next!

What’s next for these two shows?

We are incredibly excited to be bringing these works to NYC! Fairest is getting a one-night show at the famed underground cabaret theater, 54 Below, and Shudder is getting a fully staged production through the New York Theater Festival!

Cool! How do I participate?

You can audition for either or BOTH shows through this Google Form! There is a full character breakdown and even more info within the form, should you need.

You may also feel free to contact us if there is a role on our production team that you might be interested in fulfilling.


You can also actively help us get these projects off the ground by…

 …donating to or sharing our GoFundMe campaign!

purchasing a ticket or sharing ticketing information for our 54 Below show!

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