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A week-long writing extravaganza!

Screw training for that 5k, we’ve got some musical theatre business to get down to!


Our writers’ ship sets sail July 14th!

The process of writing ends July 20th.

The reading of our workshop’s final piece will premiere August 24th.


Primarily via Zoom; you can join us from anywhere! The final reading will be hosted in NYC, and premiere as a video on our company’s YouTube channel.

omw summer24 - 1.png
omw summer24 - 2.png


Any theatrical creatives who might like to explore adapting a piece of literature into a musical! We need composers, lyricists, (combinations of those two!) librettists/book writers, actors… we’ve even been lucky enough to have a dramaturg join us in our last workshop! Basically, if you want to come create with us you are absolutely WELCOME.


The source material and recipe for this next OMW will be announced soon! Here’s some hints though: it will be dramatic in nature, and will be based off accounts of a real event

I’m interested!
How do I apply?

Please fill out our Google Form! Applications will be reviewed and (if selections are necessary) selections will be made by July 10th.

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